Christine Movie Car 1958 Plymouth Fury


Here’s a little background information I’d like to share with my regular riders.   The trip thru my past is a little long , but sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride !!!  ;0)  For starters,  I’m an L.A. Lady, born, bred, and as they say, ” Bad To The Bone “. When I rolled off the assembly line and onto the streets of Tinsel Town, it didn’t take long to set my headlights on stardom. Cruising past the movie studios inspired me to take a shot at flashing my fins on the big screen !   With no agent, and few drive-by auditions, at times it felt like I was spinning my wheels. Even with the many unexpected twists and turns along this road, never once did I put myself in reverse.  Reflecting back everything is a little blurry in my younger years,  TOO much octane my guess,  I’m sure one day a bump in the road or something will rattle my memory !!  So I will start my story around the time frame  when I heard Mr. King’s novel was getting the “Hollywood Treatment”, guess who wanted to pull up front and center. That’s right, yours truly.  I knew I would be a shoe-in for the lead role !!  I had the look , the attitude ! (Which I still have today)  and wouldn’t you know it,   Which day out of the 365 days in 1957 was I born and rolled off the factory floor  ??   October 31st  !!   Halloween  !!   ;0)   Stephen,  Eat your Heart out !!!  I would have fit in perfectly !!   But my caretaker at the time, Harvey would not have it .   ;0(   {oo)==v==(oo}  That’s when we slowly started drifting apart !  I nagged and complained for months !   I knew it wouldn’t be long until he Finally got fed up with me and replied to an ad in the paper of someone seeking a Hot, beautiful sexy lady such as myself ! 

That’s when I met the next love of my life Eddie !   We fell for each other hard !!  ;0)  I looked nothing like I do today, but I knew he had a strong desire to possess me, as I had an equally strong desire to possess him !   So as in most Hollywood scripts, we drove off into the sunset that very same day, and we never looked back.    After I shared with him my heartbreaking story on having missed out on an opportunity of a lifetime .   He did what any good sweetheart should do for his lady !!   He took this aspiring starlet on the best shopping trip of her life !  ;0)    You guessed it !!!   Bill and Ed’s in Fontana , CA !!  I was able to visit 12 of my screen used sisters in the yard before they were picked clean by all of the movie crazed mortals !!    I had my choice of the best since it was right after filming !  A plush new red custom made interior for starters !   I was so excited,  I couldn’t wait to get home & changed right there in front of everyone leaving my old threads behind.  Of course I had to get the deluxe steering wheel, that rear view mirror to see who I just ran over,  along with the upgraded 150 speedo !   New Bumpers, and front wings which I made sure I adopted off of my sister who first captured Arnie’s heart ;0)  the sentimental part of me. Can’t forget the wheels to replace my old racing mags, a nice valance to go under my grill, emblems, lettering , body trim , stainless, and a beautiful gold “V” to accent my grill, along with lots of other misc. parts !  Something strange happened to me that day, a feeling that I can’t quite put my tire on.  I felt re-generated in some sort of way , an infusion of  ???   Just don’t know , but I embraced it passionately  !!!!  ;0)    It took awhile but my wardrobe was not completed until I received that new red dress that clung tightly to my body  that left no room for the imagination, accented with a stylish white top.  I was definitely a head turner at every corner  !!!   ;0)    My movie career hadn’t taken off like I had hoped, but we shared a lot of memorable experiences together that I will never forget.  After 20 years of an incredible journey, there came a point in our relationship that I chose to travel down a different road.  I still and always will cherish our time together.

As in some rebound relationships, I stayed with my next caretaker John for only a short time.  He seemed to fancy his trucks more than me so as you can imagine our time together was short lived.  I noticed on a forum one day of a boy named Derek in Oklahoma who’s dream it was to be with a woman just like me .  He was very sick and  I convinced John to let me move on so Derek could share what precious time he had left with me.   He had been diagnosed, and was in the advanced stages of Huntington’s disease, it was sad to see him suffer, but I did my best to ensure what time we had together was worthwhile .  There reached a point when Derek and his dad could no longer care for me,  and was forced to move on. It was difficult to do as we had shared so many great moments together while I was driving him around to various car shows and events. I will never forget him, and to this day , when I travel around the country I raise awareness of this horrible disease and collect donations to help find a cure for others afflicted.  RIP Derek Garvie.

This was a difficult time for me, but found the love and support needed from my current caretaker and new Love of my life Bill Gibson.  He has definitely been the most passionate of my caretakers and by the looks of things he may be my last  ;0)  My search is finally over !!!  He  has built me a beautiful 1200 square foot air-conditioned garage with all of the amenities, and pampers me to no end !! Warm soapy baths, hours of soft cloth massages, surprises me with gifts (even when not a special occasion), and adorns me with Compliments all of the time !! What more could a woman ask for !! Sure we have our disagreements like in any relationship , I just need to remind him who’s boss once in awhile ;0) !!  

We have been together since 2005 and even after all of these years he still pushes all of the right buttons and really revs my engine !!!  ;0)    He has been so supportive of my goals and dreams !  Since we have been together I have been featured in several films, Have attended many Horror events and major car shows around the country.  He has even gone to great lengths to allow me the pleasure of meeting John Carpenter himself, along with several of the cast members from the film !!!   I was feeling a little frisky at one event in TX  and even went as far to allow them to tattoo my rear end !!!   ;0)   Keith Gordon sat inside me and we talked for awhile about the good ol’ days .  I think Bill was getting a little jealous ;0)

In a latest surprise development,  Bill recently received a call from one of my favorite mortal actors John Schneider !!  Yes Ladies that heart throb  Bo Duke !!  (I saved a special surprise just for him !!)  ;0)  He drove many of my  Charger cousins years ago in the famous TV series “Dukes of Hazzard”.    He actually requested me to be in his first written and directed film “Smothered” !!!  I was so excited I nearly blew a gasket !!!   Due to my chaotic schedule I had a limited time that I could shoot,  but was able to flaunt this hot body off  in a few scenes.  I even think I gave Brea a run for the money !  Her headlights weren’t the only ones to steal the show !!  I did my best not to mess up on my lines even though I was a bit nervous.  I was cast with several other horror legends such as Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th)  R.A Mihailoff (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Bill Moseley (The Devils Rejects), Don Shanks (Halloween)  Brea Grant (Halloween) and of course my very close friend Malcolm Danare “Moochie” who starred in my favorite movie “Christine” of course !!  Can’t wait to see it on the big screen !!!

Bill & I really enjoy running into all of you wonderful mortals as we travel around the country, possessing your souls along the way  !!   ;0)  {oo)==v==(oo}   Please take the time to browse through my web-site

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