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John Carpenter – Christine (Official Music Video)

Christine Wedding!


CHRISTINE GOT MARRIED! Check out her WILD Bachelorette party which took place before the big day!

Christine Sharnado 4 Cameo!

Check Out Christine featured In John Schneider’s “Smothered”!

Hello My Friends,

Thank you for stopping by my Christine Movie Car site! It was only a matter of time before you found me… or, I found you! I’m “Christine” A 1958 Plymouth Belvedere named after a famous Fury created by the mastermind of Horror, Stephen King.  Soon after , featured on the big screen in a fantastic John Carpenter rendition that we have all grown to love !  {oo)==v==(oo}

Please drive over to my “ABOUT” section for more detailed breakdown of my past history. I will always hold a place in my heart for Harvey, Eddie, John, Jim, and Derek. These past Christine Movie Car caretakers nursed me back to health and allowed me to possess there souls for a period of time. I am grateful and will never forget them!

Currently I reside in Pensacola, Florida, with the new love of my life “Bill Gibson”.  He has built me a beautiful, 1,200 square foot air-conditioned garage with all of the amenities and pampers me to no end… Warm soapy baths, hours of soft cloth massages, surprises me with gifts (even when not a special occasion), and adorns me with compliments all of the time! What more could a girl ask for! Sure, we have our disagreements like in any relationship. I just need to remind him who’s boss once in awhile ;0)!

In May 2010, I was united with a lot of my Christine Movie family in Dallas , TX for the first time.   John Carpenter, Keith Gordon, Alexandra Paul,  John Stockwell, and Bill Ostrander traveled a long way to spend some time with me and visit with Christine fans from all over the country !  It was so great to have Keith behind the wheel once again !  I think Bill was a little jealous , but I assured him he was my one and only. ;0)

Not too long ago he surprised me with a complete spa treatment and makeover,  and never felt or looked better in my entire life !  Earl Shiflett and staff at Classic Car Creations in Cocoa, Florida were incredible !!!!  I can’t believe all of the weight I lost ! I’m now well proportioned in all of the right places if you catch my drift ;0) and not a wrinkle to be found anywhere on my skin ! Everyone that has set eyes on my beautiful body and flawless complexion, has commented that I don’t look a day over one :0) He was very successful in removing the nasty skin cancer & that unnecessary Bondo, along with fixing up those old cosmetic bumps and bruises, he even got my body back in alignment !! That was a major task in itself ! I overheard several guys commenting on how great my rear-end looks and even Bill couldn’t take his eyes off of my new enhanced headlights, and now that I’m back home , he can’t keep his hands off of me !  ;0)   Best of all,  I’m overflowing with youthful energy, and my joints don’t ache like they used to. They also did some work on my brain that allows me to express myself in a more human form.  So Beware !

Christine Movie Car by BayChristine Movie Car Engine

Also, I’m always searching for memorabilia related to my Christine movie. I’ve instructed Bill to have a display case filled with Christine movie “stuff” that travels with me from city to city for all of my fans to see. So, please contact him if you have ANYTHING related to the Christine movie that you would be willing to part with. If I don’t have it my collection, I’m sure I can convince him to make you and offer you can’t refuse ;0).

Please take a moment to view my photo’s , check out the latest in Christine merchandise, and see what city I will be terrorizing next !  Wouldn’t want to miss out on running into you, your family & friends!  I have links to all of my social media pages on here as well !  Be sure to visit my Facebook page and click the “LIKE” Button ! It’s an easy way to keep count of all of the souls I possess and also utilize that as my official “Do Not Run Over List”  ;0)  {oo)==v==(oo}

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