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Dear Christine Fans

A message from Bill:

Dear Christine Fans,

I was disappointed to learn recently, that the person from whom I purchased Christine, had not been honest about her history. While we can now document that a significant portion of Christine was built from several of the actual screen used cars, she does not represent a specific one as I was lead to believe.

I still look forward to continue to share Christine with her fans.   She is one of the finest examples of the vehicle depicted in the film. Constructed and restored in that spirit, with the benefit of parts rescued from a slow and torturous death at Bill & Ed’s Junkyard (AKA The Christine Graveyard)

The Cast Members, event directors , past , present and future have been informed of the situation.  I want to thank them, and greatly appreciate all of their support moving forward.   Though she, in her entirety, may not have filled any particular frame of the classic film which bears her name. She still fires the hearts of her fans and ignites the imagination. While some of the specific details have changed, the spirit in which we enjoy and celebrate Christine remains strong.  This includes the cast , promoters and most importantly you, the Christine fans !!!!

With all of her special interactive features, her meticulous screen-accurate restoration, and the museum that travels with her, we look forward to presenting a one of a kind, complete interactive “Christine” movie experience for you!

Thank you for your continued support !!!


Bill and {oo)==v==(oo}

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